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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day 2015

Loose Threads.....

As the dawn of Mother's Day approaches, many thoughts swirl through my mind. Moms come in so many different packages. It a job that is almost always a journey that is not unlike a roller coaster ride. Many up and downs. Or maybe a better comparison is a quilt. 

The quilt is never quite finished.  New memory blocks being added all the time with bold and bight colors. Old blocks, slightly faded, recall the past. There are loose threads here and there.

Among the memories are some untidy and messy moments from our live. Moments we aren't proud of, blocks of the quilt we might like to remove. But the threads run through all of them. Tugging at those loose threads unravels the tapestry that is our life, our story, the person we have become. 

Mothers are anchor threads that bind a quilt together. It's a complicated binding and it's something we struggle to understand throughout our lives. 

As we look back over the journeys that pieced together the quilt, the story is still sometimes jumbled, hard to understand.

For me, my thoughts of this day immediately turn to the two woman that have meant so much to me, my mom and my mother-in-law. They are such a part of my life! In very different ways, but they are teasured threads in my quilt. 

This year though, my grandma is gone. It is the first Mother's Day my mom can't go see her mother, take her a gift, hold her hand, hug her. I can't even bring myself to wonder what that must be like. I cry at the mere hint of that thought. The fabric of her quilt will never be the same.

I watched from the sidelines as my mother-in-law's quilt was altered by the death of her mother several years ago. It's an alteration that no one can redo. It is a pain that many won't understnd until they live it themselves.

I have watched helplesly in recent times as several friends endured that moment when the tapestry of their lives was interrupted and left loose threads in their quilts. 

The alteration can not be undone, but neither can the threads be pulled out to dull the pain or ease the loss. You can't unravel or undo the past no matter how painful and complicated because every thread made you who you are at this very moment.  

Motherhood is both fragile while being the strongest thread. Mothers live day to day, not totally conscience of the quilt we're such an intricate part of. We're just breathing, trying to do the best we can because as mom's we are faced with seemingly impossible obstacles. Some of us endure the loss of children and we have to stitch up our broken hearts the best we can. We move through more days, facing the joys and sorrows, trying to all everyone expects us to be, despite the varied opinions of what that is. We carry on despite the patched places and add more blocks to our quilt. 

And despite our best efforts, it is a quilt that will never quite be finished because even as we are creating it, we are passing it off to our children and their children after them. Our blocks remain, the threads, even when they appear loose, hold strong, binding our lives together, keeping us connected forever.

I pray that whether you're the mom or a child of someone that is no longer with you on Earh, the mom of one, the mom of many, the adoptive mom, the step-mom, or whatever title you hold, I hope you are blessed today with a feeling of peace, blessed with the knowledge that you are part of something so strong, blessed with the a never-ending quilt! Don't pull the loose threads! Instead revel in the memories that are bound together by those threads.

~ Happy Mother's Day ~

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