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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Discover Gems with The Dr. Cool Gemstone Dig Kit


Do you have young ones that play in the dirt? Put rocks in their pockets that you only discover once you're doing laundry? :) Nothing like some good clanking to make you think something in the house is breaking, broken or on the verge of exploding! 
Harness that curious spirit and turn that fascination with rocks and dirt into an adventure that combines fun with learning. I received the Dr.Cool Gemstone Dig Kit to review and it is a wonderful introduction into the different types of gems.
The kit includes everything needed to start digging in the "rock" and searching for hidden treasures. The excitement builds from the start. Where will the first gem be found and what will it be? 
The Adventure Guide explains the difference in several types of material and how they are formed. kids will learn how stones have been used through the ages. The Activity Booklet has fun puzzles and games that also test their knowledge and observation skills. 

The kit teaches the patience and control to find, dig around and remove the specimens without damaging them. The same way it would be done on a real excavation site. Let them wear the explorer hat and play the part! Making learning fun is key to banishing boredom.
The included magnifying glass will allow your little adventurers to see their specimens up close and see the uniqueness of each type of stone. They may see the layers that were created as it was formed. 

After digging out these gems, they can use the knowledge to look at the rocks they play with outside and get a better understanding of how they were made. It could spark a real thirst for more knowledge that leads to more library trips or using the internet to dig up more information!
 Dr. Cool kits are a great introduction to to teach kids about science in a way that is fun and entertaining. They can fill an empty afternoon or help with a school project. They are geared for kids 6 - 12 years old. If I had known about then when our son was 3 or 4, I would have gotten them for him then. He ALWAYS asked us questions and was curious. 
I am always excited to see kids curious about things, especially science. I love that these kits include everything you need to let kids explore, learn and discover new things that have the possibility of sparking a passion, a lifelong interest and thirst for knowledge. What is more exciting than that!?!?

Find what excites your kids on the Dr. Cool website. There is much to discover and something for everyone. What ever your kids are interested in, Dr. Cool has a kit for that!

Don't forget to also follow Dr. Cool on Facebook and Twitter. They are celebrating their fans with a giveaway. Just click on the giveaway tab on the Facebook page to enter!


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