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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Discover Bugs With the Dr. Cool Insect Excavation Kit


Have you got a curious kiddo? The Dr Cool kits are a great introduction to several topics that kids find fascinating. They are geared for kids that are between 6 - 12 years old. I received the Insect Excavation Kit to review and it is a fun kit!
I don't remember ever being really squeamish about bugs when I was young I played with them and wasn't terribly afraid of them. I remember playing with roly poly bugs because it was hilarious when they rolled up into a ball! I do not like crickets. At. All. Well not you Jeminy, but the real ones can just go find someplace else to chirp!
This kit adds other learning elements to the excitement and adventure. It takes patience to find the bugs. It takes care to dig them out. It teaches kids to control the digging tools and to observe what they are seeing each time they dig out a little more. The digging tools are included, you won't have to worry about buying addition things or using something from the kitchen! In fact, everything needed is right in the box.
The anticipation of finding the first one and discovering what bug it will be is really fun! Kids that are interested in any part of science, entomology or paleontology will enjoy the hands-on learning offered with this kit. Even if they aren't jumping for joy over science, this is fun and may just ignite an interest!

The included booklets are great as well. The Activity Booklet has words games and puzzles. The Adventure Guide is filled with facts, information and stunning photos of different species. It shows kids that while some insects can look creepy, they do play a part in the world and they play a much needed part in our lives. 
Kids will like using the included magnifying glass to get and up close look at their specimens. They be able to see the colors and find and identify the parts of the body described in the guide.

Dr Cool kits are great gift ideas for any occasion. They would also be great to have on hand for a rainy day activity or before a planned nature outing. Kids will see the world around them with a new perspective!

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