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Friday, March 27, 2015

150 Feet of Awesome With The Expanding Gorilla Hose

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I can not wait for warmer weather! I have been aching to get out and start the garden, but Winter is being very persistent this year! Even as I am trying to be patient, we have a late freeze warning looming for this weekend. 
Once I am able to get the garden going, I am going to have to water it along with other plants I bring outdoors. I received the 150 Foot Expandable Gorilla Hose to review and it makes me want the warm weather to come NOW!
For some inexplicable reason the people that built this house did not put a water spigot in the back yard. There is one on each of the other three sides of the house, but nothing for the backyard. But that is where my garden is! 

I've always needed long hoses to reach all the stuff I plant, and the hoses I have had in the past have always managed to come up a little short. I don't think I am going to have to worry about that with the Gorilla Hose!
I previously reviewed an expandable hose so I knew I liked that whole concept, but the other hose had plastic fittings. It wouldn't have been a problem if I left the hose attached for longer periods of time, but with the cold weather and snow we have had, I didn't want the hose to get messed up and unhooked it after every use. The threads of my brass spigot had begun to strip the plastic threads on the hose fitting. 
The Gorilla Hose features the same great expandable material. It is wonderfully light weight and I can carry it around with one hand/arm  when it is empty. It is soft and easy to hold. Once the water is flowing through it readily expands. All those wrinkles smooth out and it become taut and doesn't kink up. As it expands, it reminds me of those "snakes" we used to get for the Fourth of July.... you lit the end of the black pellet and it just grew and grew! 
 The solid brass fittings fit securely onto the spigot and I don't have to worry that the threads will strip or break. It makes it much easier to screw onto the spigot too. It also has a handy valve for stopping and starting the flow so if you're moving from one place to another, you don't have to waste water. 
I will say, this hose is LONG and if you have weak water pressure, it may not fully expand for you simply because 150 feet is a long way for water to travel. They will have a 75 foot hose available soon.

I have gotten to use it several times now for things like cleaning out the bunny cage and spraying a few things off and I just can not wait to use it on the far reaches of my garden! 


You can find this massive, expandable 150 Foot Gorilla Hose on Amazon.


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