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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Keep Shirts Letter Perfect With The Packing Envelope

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You ever arrive at a traveling destination and find that your clothes are a wrinkled mess? I don't travel as often as a lot of people but when I do, I like to be able to take my clothes out of my bag and hang them up, knowing they are ready to wear and I don't have to spend time re-ironing them.
I received this 18" Packing Folder from Dot&Dot to review and I am amazed by it. When there is nothing in it, It is flat as can be, yet it can hold 8 to 12 shirts or pairs of pants!
And if you have never folded a shirt all nice and neat like they do it in the stores, there is a handy insert that guides you step by step so you can fold them neatly and uniformly to minimize wrinkles and maximize space. 

It is also a great way to keep your clothes organized within your suitcase. The velcro strips allow you to adjust the flaps for a closer or looser fit, depending on how much you have in the organizer. 
While the packing envelope is great for clothes, I have found that it can also work great for other things as well... you may know I am a clown. I am one of the balloon twisters in our group so I almost always carry my supplies with me. 
The packing envelope neatly holds some of my balloons, pumps and other supplies and the nifty handle allows me to carry it like a briefcase.
Now matter what you use it for, it will hold your belongings securely and neatly until you get where you're going. 


Dot&Dot makes lots of different organizational products for traveling and packing. You can find this 18" Packing Envelope as well as other great solutions on their website or over at Amazon. 


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