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Monday, January 12, 2015

What Is Your 2015 Ambition?

I didn't get all squishy and make New Year's Resolutions... I rarely do. I know a lot of people do and if it works for them, great. I find it creates a hostile environment within myself... it's like I created the challenge to come up with reasons (EXCUSES!!) why I can't get started or why I need to wait until later. "Later" finally rolls around when that ball drops again! 

Don't get me wrong I have some goals, but I wasn't even sure what to call them so they wouldn't get lumped into the resolution waste basket. Then this mission came up on Crowdtap...

Ambitions. That's a good word. Doesn't sound as heavy as Res-ol-ooo-shun! Ambition sounds grand, almost adventurous! 

And my ambition for this year will be an adventure, I'm sure. My mom and I have started a business and I have been following the lead and learning as I go, but if it is to be a success and I am to be an asset to the business, I need to do more. 

We have already been talking and there are so many exciting things on the horizon. There will be some innovation and DIY, there will be a little travel, there will be some classes, there will be lots of learning and out of all of it, hopefully a better me! 

What is YOUR 2015 ambition? What do you want to achieve? 


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