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Friday, January 9, 2015

OMIGOSH! I'm Hosting a Disney Side @HomeCelebration!!!

Show Your Disney Side

I only heard about this a few days ago, applied and got accepted! Now I need to plan, plan, plan!!! I have so many favorite movies and characters. I am trying to decide how to organize my thoughts and PICK a theme! So exciting! 

Are any of you signed up and planning your parties?

What's your favorite Disney movie or character?


Heather Pfingsten said...

Happy absolutely cool is this! What theme will you be receiving? Do you have your party all planned out yet? We will be hosting a party as well. With a 5 year old, our home is everything DISNEY right now so this is right up our alley. Congratulations on being selected. We are so very excited!!

The Happy Clown With A Frown said...

I think my theme is multi-generation and I haven't planned a thing! I don't know what will be in the kit yet, so I am holding off until I can see it and sort it all out. I have been a Disney fan for SO long...when you look in any direction in our house, you'll see something Disney. I even have furniture that is Disney! It's all so exciting! Congrats to you as well!! Hope y'all have a blast!