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Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Few Freebies During the Deep Freeze!

If you are like us, you are in the middle of a deep freeze. It's much to cold to go outside so it's the perfect time to cozy up and sign up for some free stuff! 

Free 2015 Jeep calendar from Extreme Terrain 

2015 Catholic Art Calendar

Free Appalachian Log Care Wood Care brochure or samples

Free Seeds from Patriot Gardens

Sign up with the National Quilters Circle to get free quilting videos, projects and inspiration.

Sign up with the National Sewing Circle to get sewing videos, projects and inspiration. Free Sewing How-To Videos.

NEW JERSEY RESIDENTS ONLY: Fill out the form to receive your 2015 Calendar from the County Clerk, Joanne Rajoppi

 Register for a free 2015 Cool Parts Calendar from Proto Labs.

Consumer Information Catalog -  NEW Winter/Spring 2015 Edition! The Consumer Information Catalog lists approximately 200 free and low-cost publications available to you from various federal agencies. The publications cover topics such as money, health, employment, housing, federal programs, education and travel. While you're there, click on the categories on the left side. There are many other interesting things you can either order or download for free!


These are things I myself have clicked on and ordered without problems. I never include any site I have clicked on and gotten a pop up indicating it is a spam site. :)

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