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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wishing You A Wonderful New Year

A word that means so much, does so much and hold so much promise. Today we start a whole new year. While it is in reality a simple continuation of time, another day coming after the one before, it is also another chance to start anew. A fresh beginning, a time to not only reflect on the past, but to learn from it and decide what we want for the future. It is for us to decide. 

While every day is a new chance to change our direction, to decide where we want to go and what we want for our lives, the calendar flipping over to a whole new year offers a mental breath of fresh air. We tend to clear out the cobwebs and blow the dust off our thoughts.

I don't really make hard and fast New Year's resolutions, because I have learned from myself that I not only put too much pressure on myself, but I do it over unattainable goals. I'll never lose a gazillion pounds and look like a supermodel. I'm okay with that. I'll always have a little OCD going on and the labels in my pantry will have to face forward and be in straight lines. I am okay with that too. I have learned to look to the future with change in mind. How to improve ME so I better my family as a whole. 

There is always a spark of HOPE in me. Even in tough times, I look for the good. In these troubling times, sometimes it isn't easy, but there is always hope. Sometimes, when hope seems so far away, it can appear to be crippling, holding us back and not allowing us to move forward. I have felt that myself. But don't give in to that. Hope is the light in the darkness. It is the hand reaching out to let you know you are not alone. It is the stranger offering you the hug you didn't know you needed.

Hope drives us forward, keeps us looking for the positive among the negative and keeps us searching for the greater part of ourselves. I hope along this life's journey we can all offer something of ourselves to one another. That we might share the hope and in the sharing, find the greater part of ourselves together.

I'm sending you my wishes of a prosperous New Year. I not only hope you have financially prosperity, I hope you find prosperity overflowing in your family life, in your friendships, in your joy and happiness, in the ways that monetary wealth can't really touch.  

I thank you for being along for the journey thus far. I have learned along the way and you have helped show me things, put things in perspective and helped me see things from different angles. I hope you'll continue to brighten my world as we meander through it together!

 May you have a wonderful New Year.

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