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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

MeasuPro IRT20 Infrared Non-Contact Temperature Gun Review


When I found out I would be getting theMeasuPro IRT20 Infrared Temperature Gun, I wasn't entirely sure what it was or what it did. It looked useful and the fact that it could measure temperatures without contact looked appealing.

When I told my husband what I would be getting it he got a tiny bit excited. He had been thinking of getting one of these. He is an IT Specialist and works with computers and all the associated components everyday so he was able to clue me into the uses such a device can be used for. 
Since receiving the temp gun, I have been playing around, aiming it at things to see how hot they were. My arm, the laptop, the tablet, the window, the lamp, the cat. Nothing has been spared getting it's temperature taken around here! 
I can fully see where this device is not only useful but a safety tool as well. It allows an accurate reading without contact, sparing you from having to get too close to or handling hot items. 

In the kitchen you can measure the reading of cooking foods with staying at a safe distance from boiling liquids and popping grease.
People in certain occupations will find a temperature gun an asset to their arsenal of tools. Electricians, HVAC professionals, Auto repair shops and computer technicians are just a few.

My husband mentioned that it will be useful to him when working with and on computers. It will be great for checking the heat sinks to see how hot they're getting. So he'll be adding this to HIS arsenal of tools!

Using laser technology, the MeasuPro Thermometer measures temperatures from -158°F - 716°F. It's efficient, simple, and safe. The Infrared Thermometer is FDA and FCC approved and RoHS compliant. It provides instant, accurate measurements. Using this thermometer eliminates the need of direct contact.

You can choose from Celsius or Farenheit, the LCD features a backlit display that can be turned on or off and the laser can also turned on or off to your preference.


If you or someone you love works a job where knowing the temperature of objects and surfaces is important and can help add convenience and safety to the job, check out the MeasuPro IRT20 Infrared Temperature Gun on Amazon.com.


Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own based on my usage of this product. Your opinion and experience may differ. 

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