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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Expandable Hose Review


Garden hoses are't something that usually whip me into an excited frenzy, but this is one of the wildest hoses I have ever used! I received the Expandable Hose to review and I love it!
During the warmer months we use our hose all the time, but we can't really leave it where it's convenient for us because our darling doggies would make a meal out of anything we left out. At the same time we need longer hoses to reach the areas where we use the water. It's a bit of a conundrum.. we use our hose the most in the back yard, yet there is no spigot back there and even if there were, we couldn't just leave a hose hooked up and ready to use because the dogs would eat it. Literally. 
I need a hose available all year because we also have two indoor bunnies that use a litter box. I recycle their waste into our garden area, but like to spray out their box and cage and then wash it with baking soda to keep it fresh and clean.

I immediately found the usefulness of the Expandable Hose. It was SO light! After connecting it, I turned on the water and was simply amazed as I watched it slither around a bit and begin to increase in size.
Spot Approved

The Expandable Hose is easy to handle, yet tough and sturdy.  As it fills with water it goes from soft and squishy to taut and firm, yet it doesn't become difficult to use at all. I attached a wand sprayer to it and washed out the bunny's box. It attached very easily to our spigot and to the sprayer.
The entire appearance of the hose changes when it fills up. It's sort of like some creature from a sy-fy show! It is still light weight when full which is wonderful because I was able to hold it and move around, stand back from the box I was spraying and not get drenched. Another great thing, because it has been COLD here! 
The Expandable Hose has it's own cut-off valve too! If you were to need to remove a sprinkler or sprayer, you wouldn't have to go back to the spigot or worse, kink the hose to stop the flow while you removed. You simply flip the little valve to closed and when you're finished, flip back open.

 When you turn off the water, the hose expels it like there is a mini pumping station inside! It quickly drains out, returning to the soft, wrinkly form. I wound up the hose when It finished draining, I gave it a little shake just to make sure the water was all out. I carried it back into the house and it didn't leak or drip out water. It was so light, I didn't have to make two trips to bring everything back into the house. This hose is going to get A LOT of use during the summer!

If you want to experience the hose that has the strength of a beast and is as easy as pie to use, the Expandable Hose is available on Amazon.com


Disclosure: I received the item mentioned above for my honest review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own based on my experience using it. Your opinion and experience may differ.

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