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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Week In Pictures June 29 - July 5

Things that fascinated me this (Last) Week!

Our little section of the Tennessee river.. I am mesmerized every time we go over it. We were on our way to The Bone Fish Grill for brunch. That black cloud creeping into the frame....I took the photo, turned back to face front and the rain was so heavy that we couldn't see much past the hood!

Another thing I can't stop looking at, The rockets at the Space and Rocket Center. 

A pigeon. This was the closest to our car as we were at a red light. There was a parking lot filled with them. 

Heading home after eating at Bonefish Grill. We had passed through a little rain but the highways circle around and we saw the downpour from the other side

Back over the Tennessee River...

One of our neighbors treated us to a fireworks show a day (night) early

Poor Spot. Yeti just wants to play!

Raising a new flag for Granny on Independence Day

Flowers on Granny's porch

Seen on the way home on the 4th

 The last of the day as we set up our fireworks area

So what fascinated you this week? 

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