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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Really Do Clown Around

Both my parents graduated from clown school (yes there IS such a thing!). My teenage niece (Twinkle Toes) was around them and helped them practice. She picked it up like a duck to water! She is a fabulous artist anyway, so she does a terrific job at face painting. My mom, Lily Belle and my sister in law, Shelliebean, also do fabulous face painting designs. My Dad, Chappy the Clown, does magnificent balloon art! 

I've been helping my parents with their clowning for some time now. I didn't dress up, but I help face paint when needed and did other errands, but now I have actually joined in the insanity for real. This past weekend was my first REAL debut. I have dressed in my costume a few times but not while doing things. I have been practicing making the balloons with Chappy. It'll be awhile before I can make the kind of awesome creations he does though!

I hang out with a bunch of clowns. What did you do last weekend? :)

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