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Saturday, September 21, 2013

September Fiber Workshop Project

I have mentioned in the past that I belong to a local Fiber  Guild. we usually meet once a month for our regular workshops with some extra activities thrown in as well. Members often do demonstrations at local Frontier Days, Founder's Day and Oktoberfest type celebrations to show others fiber crafts. 
I attended my monthly Fiber guild meeting today (Saturday) and we learned how to wet felt wool fiber. We made a little pouch and a geode type ball.

When the geode ball is completely dry, I'll be able to cut it open to reveal the colors and it can then be used as a pin cushion or a decoration.

I'll probably add a handle of some sort to my bag.

This is the layers of my pouch just before I began the process of folding it together, adding the colors and felting it. This is a craft I definitely want to do again!

The purpose of fiber guilds is to help keep the techniques of fiber working and fiber crafts alive for new generations. A lot of the techniques taught offer a glimpse into the past as we learn the basics of how pioneers made the things they needed or wanted for themselves and for others. I love creating and I love being able to make things to give for Christmas gifts. I have painted and crafted for years, but until I found the Fiber Guild nearly two years ago, I had never worked with fiber other than store bought yarn. I have learned about washing, dying, carding and spinning fiber along with weaving, basket making and other ways to use fiber to create. And I am having so much fun learning! Our guild has some wonderful, super helpful ladies and gents (YES we have a few men that regularly attend too!). It's great because some of these people have been working with fiber for many years and they don't hesitate to share their knowledge and techniques with the rest of us. If you are looking for a group to join or like to learn new things, you may like to join a fiber guild in your area.  

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