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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Preparing for Spring

I normally don't mind Winter. I grew up in areas where Winter weather included snow. LOTS of snow. That stayed on the ground for months and months. Here it gets cold and when we DO get snow it is usually only a few inches and it is more an inconvenience than anything because it shuts everything down. The road departments don't have the equipment needed so even a few inches can bring everything to a halt. Mostly though Winter is cold and dreary. This year it seems like it has been drawn out longer than usual and I am SO ready for the cold weather to move out of here! I'm hoping to till my garden this weekend. I have gotten a few things started in the house and the more progress I see, the more Spring fever hits me. I have been seeing posts on Facebook about growing foods from the parts we usually throw away. Things like celery, lettuce, etc.  In my case our two bunnies usually get to munch our leftovers. After seeing those posts a few times it must have gotten stuck in my head because the other day I was getting a carrot for the bunnies and realized I had a fresh head of lettuce, a fresh stalk of celery and the remnants of one that wasn't fresh... okay it was so limp I wouldn't have let my bunnies see it let alone eat it! Those posts started swirling inside my head again and I was like woo hoo! It's like finding out you have everything you need to do one of the projects you've pinned to your pinterest board! The directions were simple: Chop off the end you usually throw away and place it in water..  So that's what I did.. I even chopped the end off the limp celery just to see if anything would happen.. So here are my Day 2 photos... there is already very noticeable growth on the fresh celery and lettuce! On the lettuce there are new green shoots coming out between the old leaves.
Lettuce Growth - Day 2 (04-05-13)

On the celery, the growth is coming up from the center of the stalk stump.....

Celery Growth - Day 2 (04-05-13)

There was the tiniest amount of growth on the limp celery heart and it wasn't photographing well so I will give it a few more days so the growth will be noticeable in a picture. I wish I had known this stuff sooner! I could have had a stalk forest! 

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