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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Preparing for Spring Part II

A few days ago I posted photos of my lettuce and celery that I started growing in the window sill. Here are my updated photos... The celery is growing at an amazing rate!

Lettuce - Day 5 (04-08-13)

I am just waiting to see how this grows out... the lettuce i have grown in the garden in the past, came up more as a stalk that I cut the leaves from... I have never grown heads of lettuce.....
Celery - Day 5 (04-08-13)
I am super excited by this! For me it means I can possible grow celery all year, moving it indoors during winter! I was already considering some form of an indoor garden and this definitely has my creative juices flowing!!

Limp Lettuce - Day 5 (04-08-13)
The third photo is the lettuce that was limp.I cut away the outer most layers because they had gotten slimy and were making the water nasty everyday. It is growing at a slower rate at this point but there is a tiny shoot of new growth coming from the center, so I am giving it the benefit of the doubt and going to see if it'll do anything more.

Now to go get the tiller out..........

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