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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Kid Makes Me Laugh

Our son's interpretation of things is a view all his own! He makes us laugh all the time. So maybe you know how popular this Zombie craze is right now...We have watched a few episode of The Walking Dead... I am a Stephen King fan.....I just usually leave the zombies on the page.....  well, Good Friday coincided with Little Man's Spring Break, so we got one of our nieces and one of our nephews to spend the afternoon with us. They were excited because we were taking them bowling, but first we took them to get something to eat. The kids were sitting across from us at the table and talking animatedly back and forth. The conversation came around to the nephew saying he didn't think he had to go to school the following Monday, which led to a short debate over whether they did or didn't and our son saying he KNEW he didn't have school that day (Our son goes to a Christian school and they both go to county schools, so they have different schedules). All this talk of what day they did or didn't have school led for the nephew to ask when Good Friday was... and an conversation ensued that I could not have predicted in a million years!

The Nephew: When is Good Friday?
The Son and The Niece: Today
The Nephew (after a few seconds of thought): Oh. What IS Good Friday?
The Son and The Niece: It's when Christ was crucified!
The nephew (again, turning this over in his mind): Well what is Easter then?!?!
The Niece: It when He arose from the tomb
The Son: Yeah. He was crucified and then you know... (holding his arms our in front of him, but in a matter-of-fact voice)  He Caaammmee Baaaack!!

I almost shot a carrot out of my nose and The Dad nearly choked! We couldn't stop laughing! That particular interpretation of the Resurrection had never even remotely entered our minds! I will tell you that little Man doesn't think Christ is actually a Zombie. He attends a Christian school and they have prayers, study religion almost everyday and full Chapel service on Wednesdays. He is just also a big comedic ham too! :)
Him making us laugh just lightens the day! I'm glad he can laugh because it sure turns things around sometimes. What do your kids do that make you laugh out loud?

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