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Friday, March 11, 2016

Slimmin' Suzie Volcanic Clay Body Wraps Review

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Slimmin'Suzie-The #1 BEST Volcanic Clay Body Wraps For Weight Loss-Organic Detox Body Wrap Clay Kit-It Works On Stomach, Thighs & Arms-Perfect For Body Contouring, Cellulite & Stretch Marks-8 Packets.

Have you ever been to a spa where someone else pampers you with luxuirous lotions, oils and massages? Yeah me neither! I not only don't have time for that, I would feel weird about someone else seeing me naked and touching me. Going to the chiropractor felt funky to me and that was with my clothes on! So I was pretty excited to try something I could do in the privacy of my home....

Like you, I have seen products all over the place that detox, flatten, and more. They kind of make it seem so easy and effortless. The product I got to try is the Slimmin' Suzie Volcanic Clay Body Wrap Kit and this was my first time to try something like this. It is not effortless, takes a little getting used to and is a time commitment. This isn't something your going to try to do a few minutes before trying to slip into that sexy dress for an outing or a party. 
 During my first try, I got very frustrated and messed it up. Nothing seemed to go right and I couldn't get the wraps on before they were cold. I kept trying until all the clay was on the wraps and not me. I was mad at myself for wasting that packet of the clay. I took a few days to think over the process and go over it in my mind so I could formulate a plan. I knew from the first attempt that I put a little too much water in the clay and that it would drip some while wrapping. For my second try, I heated a kettle of water and took all my supplies to the bathtub. I also decided not to try to do so much at once. 
So to start, I soaked the wraps, I tore off a long piece of plastic wrap, I had a hand towel handy and finally I mixed just a little water into the clay (between 2 - 3 teaspoons). Just enough to make it creamy, but still a little thick.I sat on the edge of the tub with the leg I was wrapping inside the tub. I used the back of my spoon to apply the clay to my thigh. I then wrapped it in the wraps and quickly covered it in the plastic wrap. I just stayed in the tub so I could just wash away the clay when I was done. Keeping the clay warm can be an issue. On this attempt, I kept dipping the hand towel into the hot water that I had soaked the wraps in and laying it over the plastic. That worked for awhile, but since it suggests leaving the wraps on for an hour, even that water cooled before the hour was up. The next day I did the other thigh in a similar way. I just stayed in the tub and used a facial treatment during the hour. My skin did feel smooth after the treatments. For my third treatment I wanted to try my abdomen. I once again stood in the tub to apply the clay, wraps and plastic. This time since it was a larger area to keep warm, once I was all wrapped up, I went and propped up on the bed (with a towel under me) and put the heating pad across my stomach. That was the best solution for keeping the wraps and clay warm. I sat and used my tablet, listened to music and did a little weaving. When done, I just rinsed it off in the shower rather than try to wipe the clay off. That's just easier and makes it less likely to rub the clay too harshly into your skin and cause irritation. And you can rinse out the wraps at the same time, then hang them to dry.

My observations when using the product:

~ The packets and the amount of clay that is in them looks like a small amount, but by using the spoon to apply it, I was able to get smooth, even coverage and it went further than when I tried to apply it with my fingers. The directions aren't specific, but it's a small packet so you can deduce that it doesn't take a large amount of water. I have used about 2 - 3 teaspoons of water per packet.

~ The clay has a little odor (it IS clay), but I did not find it overpowering or offensive.

~ The wraps come with little metal clips. Those are junk, just toss them and don't even try to use them. Go straight for safety pins or you'll get frustrated when the clips don't hold (and even break) and the wraps fall off. before you can finsh and get the plastic wrap on. When doing my legs, it was easy to have the plastic wrap already torn off and ready to grab when ready. For my abdomen, it was easier to leave the platic wrap on the roll and roll that around me to apply it. That way it didn't twist up before I could get it all the way around.
~ The heating pad was the best way I found to keep the clay warm for the entire hour. Although water will drip out from under the plastic wrap, so unless you stay in the tub, you'll need to sit/lay on towels, water proof blanket or even a plastic mat.

~ I have noticed small improvements. Stretch marks that are fading, not so red looking. Less dimpling on my thighs. It's not a magical "one hour and you're model thin" type treatment, but I would not have expected it to be.

~ You leave this on for an hour. It's a bit of a commitment and you're a little limited in what you can do during that time. On the other hand it's an hour that you get to sit back and relax. Read a book. Take a nap. Listen to music. You'll hardly realize it's been an hour.

 Other than my first attempt that left me so frustrated, I have found the treatments relaxing. It's a little bit of time I can just sit back, and breathe, not be rushed to do the next thing. It's a great bit of "me" time. Although it has me thinking about how great having a full body mud bath would be .....

Slimmin'Suzie-The #1 BEST Volcanic Clay Body Wraps For Weight Loss-Organic Detox Body Wrap Clay Kit-It Works On Stomach, Thighs & Arms-Perfect For Body Contouring, Cellulite & Stretch Marks-8 Packets.

You can find the Slimmin' Suzie Volcanic Clay Body Wrap Kit  over on Amazon.


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