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Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Review of the Stylish Leather Belt Bag From Hybrid Hip

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I am old enough to remember when "fanny packs" became really popular. I was just a kid and I also remember laughing about them because they were "nerdy". You could almost bet and win that someone was from out of town if you saw them wearing one of those. Back then most were made of nylon with a woven canvas belt attached. Most were not exactly attractive. Those days are over.

Now as an adult, I admit I have worn similar things several times. And while on vacation! :) My motive was to keep money close to me during vacations. We have always divided our vacation money between us so that if one of us lost our purse or wallet, we wouldn't be out everything and would still have money to get home. I have also worn them for the convenience of having both hand free and not having to juggle a purse on my shoulder.

Hybrid Hip sent me one of their leather "fanny packs" to review and it it is not only quite stylish, it is comfortable to wear. The bag is top grain leather so it is soft to the touch. The zippers and closure are also high quality. 

The bag has three compartments that can hold all your belongings. The first compartment is great for a cell phone. It has a toggle closure that secures the flap when in the vertical postion and allows it to open when in the horizontal position. The toggle is firm so it doesn't just twist and allow the compartment to come open. 

The second front compartment is zippered and it can hold lip balm, lipstick, credit/debit cards, keys, business cards and more. The largest compartment is the full length of the bag (about 10 inches) so you can keep your money in there flat instead of folded up making it twice as thick. There is also room for other items in there. All of the compartments have ample space so there lots of room to carry the things you want and need.
I am impressed with the quality of the bag. As I mentioned it is made with top grain leather. The quality extends to the entire workmanship. The contrasting white stitching is even and done to perfection. The waist belt is sturdy woven cotton canvas with heavy duty metal adjustment slide and buckle. The buckle has a squeeze release that holds tight and can't be pulled apart. The belt adjusts to fit waist from 30 inches up to 40 inches.


This waist bag is handy for many things. You can use it while traveling, shopping, bike riding, riding a motorcycle, horse riding or any task where you want your hands free and your belongings or equipment within reach. I chose the black bag, but it is also offered in a gorgeous brown. You can find this impressive accessory from Hybrid Hip over on Amazon.


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