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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Inspiration - Day 9 of the #WordADayChallenge

Today's word is Inspiration.

I find inspiration all around me. In the positive people around me, in music, in nature. Sometimes something inspires me to grab my camera and start taking photographs.
Usually it's something in nature because I find a serenity in get out and shooting close ups of the things that we sometimes miss because we're not looking that closely. Other times I am inspired by a color or an idea that translates into a craft or a painting. I find positive, energetic people inspirational. They have good vibes coming off of them that pump me up. The energy spills over, smiles start spreading and laughter fills the air. 

Every once in awhile the inspiration comes in the midst of sadness or sorrow. I know a lady that suffered the unimaginable - the loss of her youngest son. We met when our sons were in elementary school. She had two and we have one. I had taken over being the librarian a few weeks after school started and I hadn't known them long, but they were a very active family and the youngest was one of those kids with so much personality. And I mean that in a terrific way. Austin was always smiling, happy and ready to tell me something whenever he came into the library. He was never rude or even mean to other kids, but bubbling with personality. He loved music and sang and played guitar. At seven years old he died in an accident and when I got the news I cried like he was family. In many ways it felt like we were. It was a small school and all of us had became quickly entertwined. I could not imagine what his Moma was going through. She was and still is such an inspiration to me! Even though we don't get to see each other regularly, our paths do cross on occasion and it is always so warm and welcoming to be around her. They took the worst tragedy parents can face and have used it for so much good. They have a mission in Austin's name and they have traveled to impoverished places in other countries and built playgrounds for children and taken them things like school supplies and books. They have had 5K runs and raised money for others. In the face of the ultimate heartbreak, she exhibited grace and to this day is an inspiration to me because of how she managed to come through that. Not only that, but how her family as a whole came though. Together, intact, supporting each other and still living life to the fullest and helping others. Even before Austin died, she inspired me. She was never unkind to anyone and was willing and ready to jump in and help with whatever needed doing. She leads by example and is a wonderful inspiration to everyone fortunate enough to know her. I'm sure glad I do!

Who inspires you?   


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