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Thursday, December 31, 2015


As I sit here contemplating what gifts I still need to get for one last family Christmas get together (yes we are STILL celebrating Christmas on New Year's Day!), I am also thinking back to the last year. 

It doesn't seem like there was anything memorable to come out of it. No one thing that stands out or that "wow" moment that will never be forgotten. There was a lot about this year that was rather bleak. We started off the year with my Grandmother passing away in January and enduring the sort of ugly truths about family that can come out at times like those. We also lost our step Granfather this year. Thankfully the opposite has happened with his passing. Family drew together, and supported one another. Things tended to hum along, but nothing stands out as incredible or extraordinary. 

We had happy moments to be sure. We gathered for birthday and holidays and those are always special moment I love. This tail end of the year has been my favorite because of that. Being amongst people we love. We did make it another year. That is itself is wonderful. It's the breathe-a-sigh-of-relief kind of wonderful. Perhaps,that's because we have stood at the abyss and looked in, but did not fall and refused to jump. Though it all, there is always hope. The hope that the new year brings better. That we do better.

I have seen a meme floating around with a quote that is attributed to Brad Paisley: Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Make it a good one. That fits right in with hope. It's that chance to take a deep breath, grab the pen and fill those pages with the best thing of all - A LIFE WELL LIVED. 

My wish is that you experience a year filled with life. That you get connected to what means the most to you, that which brings you joy, the moments that put a smile on your face and a song in your heart! 

And from my heart, I want to thank you for being here. Let's make this New Year one to write about! Let's fill those pages and not leave any blank spaces!


Please celebrate safely!

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