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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Get Infused With Goodness With The Arssen Glass Infusion Water Bottle

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You know water is healthy, but sometimes it is just so... boring! At one time, it would have never occurred to me to put any kind of food into my water. I initially used some of the little bottles of "squirt" flavors. Until I learned about artificial sweeteners. Infuser bottles to the rescue!
I received the Arssen Infuser Water Bottle to review. It's the first glass bottle I have tried and it initially made me nervous... it's GLASS and I'm not the most graceful person! It is a cool water bottle! 

Being glass you can be assured that it won't stain or retain flavors. There is a great silicone sleeve that gives you an ultra grip to hang on to. These are great no matter what activity you're going to be doing. They also allow you to mix and experiment with flavors! A couple of my favorites are frozen raspberries or cucumbers. They give me great energy! I also like adding fruit or mint leaves to tea. There are endless combinations to play with!
The flip-top lid is pretty cool. It has a push button release with a little silver latch to prevent it from opening unexpectedly. A silicone cap inside the flip top fit snug on top of the spout to prevent leaks. The spring loaded top flips back so it is out of the way when drinking from the spout and the spring holds it in place so it doesn't flop back on your face while you have the bottle tilted up. There is a removeable silicone gasket inside the lid that is another preventative against spills or leaks but comes out for washing. 
The infuser tube is plastic, but it's large so you can fit big chunks of fruit in there. The silicone filter piece fits right into the top of the infuser tube and then the tube simply slides into the bottle, held in place by the flared top. 

I usually just my hand wash mine because I am using again in a short time, but the whole thing is dishwasher safe, but I would take out that silicone gasket so it down't get lost. 


You can find this easy-to-care-for Glass Infuser Drink Bottle on Amazon. Excite your water and your tastebuds!


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