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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Protect Your Ears! FSL Gunblock Ear Defenders

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I received the FSL Gunblock Ear Protectors to review and I am pleased with these. My guys like to target shoot and have gone hunting a few times. They had tried a few different earmuffs and ear plugs when shooting, but I was still worried that they weren't getting enough protection.
I know I did things in my own youth that were not good for my hearing so I have tried to ensure my son knows how to protect his hearing so he doesn't have problems later in life. 
I have tried other products from Future SoundLab (FSL) so I already knew they offer quality products and these ear muffs are no different. These are reminiscent of the old gigiantic ear muffs I remember my dad having when I was a kid, but these are lighter and they fold to become more compact. The muffs fold up into the inside of the headband so you can carry them in a bag or keep them with hunting gear. 
These are built solidly and are durable for outdoor activities. While I could still hear loud voices while wearing these, it was greatly diminished and other noises were nealy eliminated. They greatly reduce the number of decibles your ears are exposed to in any noisy or loud environment, whether at the gun range, on the job site or at a concert. I don't mind that voices can be heard while wearing these because participating in some activities require that you know where others are and are able to communicate with them. The fit a little tight but I expect that they will probably loosen just a bit with regular use. The padding is wuite thick and comfortable.

In addition to great quality these are a great value as well. You get great hearing protection at an affordable price! You can find these terrific Ear Defenders from FSL over on Amazon.


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