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Monday, September 7, 2015

Keep Rolling! With The Mini Bike Pump From Life On Rides

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I love the freedom of jumping on my bike and just GOING. As a kid I would ride all day, never giving a thought to what I would do if something happened. I was super fortunate that nothing ever did! Now being older and hopefully a little wiser, I do think about the what-ifs and carry a few things with me. One thing I had not really thought about was a tire pump. I received the Mini Bicycle Tire Pump from Life On Rides to review and I made me wonder at all the times I took off with out thinking about something happening to the tires!

I always think of think like my water bottle, My glow bands.... all the things you might toss into your backpack if you're going to be gone awhile, but I never considered a bike pump, because the standard ones are a bit bulky and it wouldn't be practical to try to carry it! 
All that has changed with the mini pump! You get power and pressure in a small, lightweight pump that you can carry in a backpack or mount right to your bike.
This is perfect for maintaining proper tire pressure during and between rides. I was fooling around with my bike recently and accidentally let the air out of my back tire and our regular bike pump had a broken nozzle. I used the mini pump to air it up and while it took a little longer than a regular pump, it did do the job and it did it well. 
The pump itself is made with quality. The aluminum body is tough and it operates super smoothly. It can accommodate both Presta and Schrader valves by simply unscrewing the head and reversing a piece inside. The pump handle easy "locks" into place to keep dirt out with just a simple twist. Once the pump is on the valve correctly, there is no loss of air. Every pump puts air where it belongs! The dust cover protects the nozzle from dirt when the pump isn't in use. 
An added bonus is the inclusion of a mount for your bike as well as a needle so you can inflate basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, etc. so the fun doesn't have to stop because of an under-inflated ball. 


I am truly impressed with the power and portability in this little pump. You can find the Life On Rides Mini Bike Pump on Amazon. I am confident in adding this to my assortment of bike supplies. Ride on!


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