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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Keep Moving With FSL Reflex Bluetooth Sport Earbuds

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I love being wireless! Way back when, I never imagined a day when we wouldn't be tethered to our walkman cassette players! As technology has progressed, it has brought a bit of fun with it. We can have music, books, podcasts and other audio delights almost anyplace we want them. I received the FSL Reflex Bluetooth Sports Earbuds to review and they allow you take them without a cable.

The earbuds come with four sets of silicone ear tips in different sizes so you can choose the size that fits you comfortably. They also include a great semi hard-shell case that keeps the earbuds safe, holds the charging cable and extra silicone tips and is compact enough that you can carry them in your bag or pocket. 
I found it neat that instead of just a dangling cable, the few inches of cable that connects to each earbud are moldable so you can bend them over your ear for your own comfort. 
After charging, connecting to my tablet was easy and the process went flawlessly. You simply hold down the power button (in the center of the control bar) for several seconds while allowing your device to search for bluetooth devices. It shows up in the list as "FSL Reflex". 
The controls are easy and accessible. The multi-function button (MFB) serves as the on/off, play/pause and answer button. To turn the power on or off, hold the button down for a few seconds and you'll hear a tone. To play or pause, a simple click does the job. To turn the volume up, press the + button for a long press. A short press of the + button will skip to the next song. A long press of the - button will turn the volume down. A short press with skip back to the previous song.
I haven't gotten to use the earbuds to answer a call, but they feature several call functions. You can answer and end a call, redial the last number, decline an incoming call, switch to an incoming call and put a current call on hold, Switch to an incoming and end a current call and use voice control.

The Reflex Earbuds have a dual battery system so you get up to twelve hours of usage. They are also IPX-3 rated for water resistance so you don't have to worry about damage from sweat or getting caught in a sudden rain. 


Having reviewed a few other FSL products, I was happy to find the Reflex Earbuds are the quality I expect. 
The sound is great with clear, concise playback with the levels coming through terrific. The included 3 year warranty and Lifetime support are an added bonus! You can find the Reflex Bluetooth Earbuds from FSL over on Amazon. These would be a cool stocking stuffer for techie kids! 


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