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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Show Off Some Great Kicks With The Shifter Ballistic From Lugz


It is that time of year. Back to school shopping. New paper, and supplies, new clothes, and new shoes! 
I'm a long time out of school, but I got new shoes! And woooo wheee, the shoes I got! I was sent a pair of Women's Ballistic Shifter boots in Potion from Lugz to review and they totally rock!

I have been admiring Lugz from afar for quite a while now. I would drool over the offerings I saw on the website, but couldn't find them sold any place near me and being nervous about whether they would fit kept me from actually pushing the submit button to purchase the shoes I repeatedly added to my cart. Having recently bought some shoes that were only 6 1/2 and another pair that are an 8, I knew that different brands meant drastic differences in the size that fit comfortably. I was told that Lugz run pretty true to size so I got the 7 1/2 and then nervously awaited their arrival. 
I was positively giddy when they arrived! I opened the box and the minute I laid eyes on them, I squealed! The color is absolutely perfect. I'm not sure I can convey with mere words what it was like to slide my feet into these shoes the first time. It was heaven for feet. It was sublime. My feet slid into each shoe like they were custom made just for me. A perfect fit! Now I won't be so hesitant to order in the future!
The shoes look like the classic hiking boot style so I expected them to have a little weight to them, but they are surprising light. Even after wearing them all day they don't make your feet or legs tired. After wearing them for the first time, I thought these could be my new favorite shoes. And now that I have worn them for a few weeks, I KNOW they are! I love everything about them. 
Everywhere I go, people notice my Lugz and ask me about them. Waitresses when we have gone to eat, girls and women in stores and when we arrived at a family reunion recently, my Lugz were the first thing noticed and many of the girls and ladies asked where they could get some! 

I received the Shifter Ballistic in Potion (purple). They are also available in Sour Blue, Hibiscus, Golden Wheat and Black. You can match any mood or outfit. I love these so much I am hoping I can soon order the other colors! You can find these fabulous shoes over on the Lugz website. Head over there now and celebrate back to school with 40% off!! Use code school40 at checkout to receive the discount. I don't think you'll be disappointed! 


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