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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Keep A Cooler Head With The Polar Gel Pillow Chiller

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This is hands down a great invention. I probably wouldn't have thought to search for something like this, but when I was asked to review the PolarGel Cool Pillow Mat, I got intrigued by the idea. 

If you're like me you live with people that prefer different temperatures to be comfortable. In my case, my husband prefers to be "cozy" at around 8,000 degrees Fahrenheit. He thinks my comfortable 68 degrees equals the frozen wastelands no one ever returns from. It probably doesn't help that my hair is really long, almost like a blanket that covers my head and back.
The Pillow Chiller solved my dilemma. He can have it a little warmer during the night and I can sleep on this and not wake up covered in sweat. The Chiller works good to keep you cool during the night just as it is. It contains a gel that stays cooler than room temperature to keep you cooler. It can also be refrigerated so it's even cooler. I prefer it refrigerated, so I keep in a small fridge we have upstairs and take it out each night and slide it into my pillow case. It comes with two elastic straps in case you need to secure it in place. I haven't needed those with the pillow I have right now, but they are helpful with some types of pillows or if you move a lot during the night. It measures 12 inches by 22 inches so it covers the surface of most pillows so even as you change positions, you are still on the mat. The mat folds into thirds, measuring just 12 inches by 7 inches, making it easy to store, refrigerate or to take with you when you travel or stay away from home. You don't want to jump up and down on it or stab it with knives or anything, but it is very durable for the intended uses.
We have gotten another use from the chiller. It works great when the hubs has a migraine. We can slide this into his pillow. Since I keep it refrigerated, it is ready anytime he might need it. It works so much better than trying to keep an ice pack positioned on or near his neck. Not to mention it's not hard and uncomfortable to lay on like an ice pack and it doesn't sweat and get the pillow wet either.


I can say this is truly something that is getting a lot of use in our house. I love this thing and can't imagine how I did without something like this for so long! If you are like me and prefer being cooler at night or perhaps you have hot flashes, you no longer have to fight of the thermostat. You can find the Polar Gel Pillow Chiller over on Amazon. Chill out and get a good night's rest for a change!


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