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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Raise A Mug Of Root Beer! With A Variety Pack Of Root Beer Of The Month


Do you love root beer? I have been a huge fan since I was just a kid. I was excited to receive a six pack of a variety of root beer brands from the The Root Beer Store. They have a Root Beer of the Month subscription! YUM!

When I was young we lived in the Mojave desert. Yep. The Desert. I know it sounds hostile and barren, but it was actually a lot of fun. A fond memory is homemade root beer. A few year later, A&W became a favorite treat. That was in the days of parking and having your order brought out on a tray that attached to the car window. They are still famous for their root beer floats. I still have my child size mug from those days!

Nowdays, I don't drink sodas, with root beer being the exception. I still love it and occasionally indulge in one. I still love pouring it over ice cream too. It just one of those basic treats that tickles the tongue with delight!

The Root Beer Store is a terrific way to experience  different types of root beer from different places. Root beer from different areas is crafted differently, creating differences in the flavor that range from subtle and slight to bold and bright. 
From the moment my pack arrived, my son started hounding me about how long I was going to hoard the root beer. With the exception of Frostie, the brands I received are all new to us so we have been sharing each and discovering the new and exciting flavors. It's so much fun!  

By trying different styles, you can gain an appreciation for a brand that may not be readily available in your area or you may discover one that is. You can get them by the month, for 3 months, 6 months or a full year. You'll receive six different root beers each month. If you do the 6 pack for a whole year, you'll get to try up 72 different root beer brands! This is an exciting prospect for root beer connoisseurs or the curious taste adventurers. You can also choose to go with a 12 pack for even MORE root beer!

Besides root beer, you'll find packs of other sodas such as orange sodas, cream sodas and ginger beer/ales. You can also order single variety packs and you'll find a selection of candies as well! You could find some great gift ideas for the upcoming holidays! You can hop over to The Root Beer Store's website and check out the selections available. 


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