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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Get Your Kendama Game On With The Woodtellect Kendama


Remember the games we played before electronics ruled out lives? We were up for the challenge and didn't even realize most of our games were great for our hand-eye coordination and strengthened our focus! 
You can get get your game on once again with the Kendama from Woodtellect. I received one of these to review and it is addicting!

It so simple to start. I began by just swinging the ball trying to get it onto one of the cups. It took some practice and focus before I managed to do it. As I played with it I realized that the difficulty was altered by how I held it while trying to land that ball. 

There were similar toys way back in the 16th century, that didn't have the crossbar piece. Toys similar to that one were introduced but by around the 20th century the Japanese kendama had acquired the two side cups. Even today, kendamas are a common toy in Japan. Super serious players can be part of the Japanese Kendama Association and play in tournaments for national rankings! The parts of the kendama have names. There is the ball, the ken (meaning stick or sword), the crosspiece, and the string. The tip of the ken is called the spike, the ridge around the handle of the ken is called the slip-stop. The base of the ken is the center cup. The cross piece has a small cup and a large cup. 

There are several different grips that are used in competitive play. Once you start playing you can tell that the way you hold it alters the difficulty level. There are also tricks used in competitive play that I am not even close to being able to do! The Kendama is well constructed with pro model durability so it will last through all your attempts to master it.


As I mentioned, this is addicting. Like Farmville and Candy Crush addicting! Once you start, it becomes a challenge to get the ball into the cups or to "spike" it. I have not been able to spike it yet and it drives me crazy! 

This is the addicting game to can take with you and not have to worry about batteries dying. You only have to be careful to not hit anyone or yourself with the ball. You can find the Woodtellect Kendama over on Amazon. Get it for the kids, so you can play with it while they're away at school!


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