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Monday, July 13, 2015

Light Up The Party With Neon Glow Body Paint!

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I have always doodled.. I doodled on my skin and clothes when I was a kid. At first my mom got upset, especially when I colored all over a brand new pair of Levi's. Then she just shrugged and told me I was the one that had to wear them in public and I was NOT getting new jeans! That was okay with me because I liked my doodles and my jeans were unique!
Glow in the dark things have always intrigued me. And they are just so darn fun! I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to review these UV Reactive Body Paints from Neon Glow. They are SO much fun!! I wish something like this that was permanent had been around when I was coloring on my jeans!

These paints go on smooth and are very easy to work with. there were no lumps or bubbles. They are bright in the containers and they are bright on skin. Even in regular light or daylight they are BRIGHT! 
These paints are black light reactive, meaning they don't just glow in the dark if you turn off the lights, but they come alive with the use of a black light! However, they are so bright, you could easily use this great paint for daytime fun without a black light.

I really liked that a little went a long way with these. I squeezed out a large drop of each color and was able to paint the designs on my arm, face and still had some left to streak through my hair!
Did I mention how FUN this is? Just playing with it made me want to throw a party! I see all kinds of fun opportunities from summer fun to themed parties to Halloween parties. 
You could even paint on poster board or a canvas and make your own black light wall art. I would think you would want to put some kind of clear sealer over it. I am going to experiment with that and will let you know how it goes!
The paints are non-toxic, and have no odor. It washes off super easy with just soap and water and did not stain my skin, hair or nails at all. I used it on my face, but it it not recommended for use on or around the eye area and it is not for ingestion so you should be careful when using on children. 


You get six super bright, neon colors in this pack. It includes red, blue, pink, yellow orange and green. Each bottle is 2 ounces and as I mentioned a little can go a long way, so you can get a lot of coverage with these. You can get this Fantastic Neon Glowing Color over on Amazon and have some fun of your own!


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