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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Deep Clean With The Mira Facial Cleanser Brush

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When I was younger, it didn't seem to matter what I did to my skin. I could use a rough cloth, a harsh cleanser and scrub it too hard. It just seem to accept my abuse without complaining! Not that I should have been doing those things, but I also didn't know any better. Now I do and I try to care for my skin without damaging it.

This Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush from Mira I received to review cleans deeply while still be soft and gentle on skin.

When I first used this battery operated brush, it was so gentle, I had to double check that it was working! I used it to cleanse my face and when I rinsed my skin off, I could feel the difference. It was clean, but not stripped or irritated. 

The cleanser uses two regular AA batteries so you don't have to worry about finding some special type battery replacements. The battery compartment is protected by a rubber O-ring so you can use it in the shower, too. 
The device is small, easy to hold and isn't too heavy or bulky. The one button operation is also easy to use. The bristles are soft so they don't leave your skin irritated, but they deep clean and get the dirt out of the pores, minimizing their appearance and helping prevent breakouts. While I know it isn't the most important thing, I feel more confident when my skin is clear.

The brush is a great size to get all the areas of my face from cheeks, chin and forehead to the sides of my nose and my neck. You can also use it in other areas like your elbows and knees.  It has an automatic one minute timer. I usually end up using it longer, but the timer would be good for making sure you don't over do it on one area.


This cleansing brush is a great alternative to much pricier models. The gentle power makes it suitable for most anyone. The Sonic Glowing Facial Cleanser Brush from Mira can be found on Amazon. 


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