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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Get Hung Up with Strong Galvanized Metal Hangers from BriaUSA

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I see people asking for wire hangers all the time in local groups I belong to and yet, have you tried to find wire hangers for sale? I rarely, if ever, see them! Everything is plastic.

I received a pack of these 100 Galvanized Metal Wire Hangers from BriaUSA to review and these are strong hangers.

I'm not sure what all those people requesting them on the groups want them for, maybe yard sales, but I find that there are times I just need a good wire hanger. Plastic hangers just don't hold up to the weight of a coat or heavier clothing that I need stored during summer. I have recently learned a trick for preventing creases. You simple cut up a pool noodle to fit the hanger, then put a slit on the long side of the piece of noodle so it slides over the hanger and tape it so it stays on the hanger. Now I can have the strength of a metal hanger and stop breaking the necks of plastic ones. 

I like these because the material is different than the metal hangers I have had in the past. They seem to get a dirty finish or even rusty and it rubs off on our clothes. These hangers haven't done anything like that. 
I find uses for wire hangers besides our suits and clothes. I am vertically challenged and have found that a good wire hanger makes a great tool to reach the hanging chains on our ceiling fans! Because dragging a big ladder through the house every time I need to change the speed of the fans is so much fun! A flimsy hanger doesn't work as well, but a good solid one can be bent to exactly what I need to reach the chain pulls to control the fans.

As a side note, wire hangers are also a great craft material for various craft projects and yard art. :)


No matter what you want or need them for, these 13 gauge Galvanized Metal Hangers from BriaUSA are strong, durable and you can get them in packs of 50 or 100 over on Amazon.


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