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Sunday, July 5, 2015

An Adorable Friend! Squeak Mouse Plush Toy

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Do your kids have that one special toy that they HAVE to have with them? The one that has to go where ever they go, the one they show thing to, include in their playtime and the one they can't sleep without? It's the one that can stop you heart with dread when it can't be found or heaven forbid, finally needs to be washed. Believe it or not, you actually miss those days later on!

I received a Squeak Mouse Plush Toy to review and the first thing that struck me was how silky soft he is!

Squeak is a program on Baby First TV that teaches little ones all about time. Three mice named Tizzy, Tog and Toot live in Tick Tock Clock and explore time... story time, game time, song time or snack time. What ever time it is, these mice want to know all about it! “Squeak” is a live action series that takes young viewers on an adventure that combines learning with lots of fun through songs and storytelling.
Shows like Squeak help teach object identification, vocabulary, curiosity and imagination through pretend play, learning new words, developing pre-math skills, learning the meaning of schedule (time to play, time to count, etc). And now you little one can have their very own best friend from Squeak!
The Squeak Mouse is about 12 inches tall, a great size for kids to hold onto, carry around and love. This adorable plush includes three shirts - one red, one green and one yellow, to represent the three mice from the show. Kids can easily change the shirts using the velcro strip on the back. No difficult buttons or snaps to bother with.


The toy is surface washable polyester fibers. It is incredibly soft. Much softer than toys from years ago! This happy little critter makes a great, huggable friend! You can find this Adorable Mouse Toy over at Amazon. 


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