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Friday, July 3, 2015

Release The Kid Inside! Let's Go Fly A Kite!

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How long has it been since you have flown a kite? It had been WAY too long for me. I have always loved kites, balloons, birds, anything that flies. The thought of being able to soar on the wind is cool! My problem was, as much as I liked flying kites, I wasn't very good at it! I crashed them. A Lot.
My heart beat with joy when I was given the opportunity to review this Bright Colorful Kite
from Get Childish! It's not just for kids!!

I was immediately struck by how big this kite is! I had expected a regular kite that would be maybe a few feet across at most, so when a box nearly as tall as I am showed up, I was stunned! When I unfurled the wings, it came in at nearly 6 feet from tip to tip! That's taller than me!
It was so incredibly easy to assembly that it is ready to fly in just a few minutes. I only had to insert the vertical rod into place and tie the string to on and it was ready!
I can not tell you how fun it is to fly this kite! It grabs onto the wind and just sails up into the sky. You can actually feel it pulsing and pulling to go higher, the wings very nearly flapping like a bird's wings.
A small, but steady wind will carry this kite and keep it flying. It was designed and built to FLY and it does it with gusto!

The bright colors add to the fun of watching this enormous kite swoop, dip and swirl in the sky. While focusing on flying my kite, I found my mind letting go of stressful thoughts, instead watching, giving it a tug here and there and guiding it across the sky. It felt good to be outside and memories from my childhood came surging back, nostalgia mixing with the pleasure of the present. I find myself stepping outside to see if there is a breeze so I can go fly my kite!
The kite comes with a zippered bag to store, transport and protect it from tears and damage. About the only thing I can think you might want to purchase is a bigger roll of kite string to fly even higher.... and maybe additional kites for the kids so you don't have to share! 


This hugely fun kite is absolutely a blast for everyone, not just kids! Grab one (or more!) from Amazon and take some time to Get Childish! It would make a great gift for any occasion and is great for letting everyone get back some of the joys of childhood. 


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