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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Block Loud Noises With The FSL Patriot Electronic Earmuff

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Have you ever been to an air show, on a hunt or shooting range? Maybe a recording musician? These are but a few LOUD places you can find yourself covering your ears!
I like going to events, but I don't like how loud noises make my head hurt and can damage my hearing, so I was excited to try out these Electronic Earmuffs from FSL. These are like nothing I have seen in ear protection!

The earmuffs look like the large, heavy, bulky monster earmuffs my dad had when I was a kid. He had been in the Navy and on carriers where the aircraft flew off and landed on the flight deck. They had to have some serious ear protection! These have that look, but they are pretty light so you don't feel like you have a huge weight on top of your head!

Unlike those monster earmuffs, these have a mic on them and an electronic volume. This is incredibly cool because with them on, you can talk to others without having to pull on side off your ear or take them off at all. And you can talk without yelling your head off. 
So if you can hear with these on, how in the world do they protect your hearing?  These do an amazing thing. When there is a sharp or loud noise the earmuffs automatically block it out. I tried talking/yelling while I had them on and they instantly blocked the sound. It just sort of cuts out so the noise doesn't get to your ears. It's just plain cool! Since these have the mic on them, if there are no batteries, you can hear things but you don't have the added protection of really loud noises being blocked out.  
They are also adjustable so they are comfortable for just about anyone. Each side can slide up or down on the metal prongs and the headband but it is padded so it is comfortable across the top of your head. I have put them on and taken them off over and over and they don't hurt or pull my hair. 
All of us have tried them out and like how these work. The hubs liked them so much he is already wanting to buy a couple more. That's a pretty big deal that he likes them that much!


If you do things that expose you to loud noises or the kids participate in activities that expose them, good ear protection is important. These can be found on Amazon. The Patriot Electronic Earmuffs from FSL are well made and offer affordable protection.


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