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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Birdwatching Without Leaving The House With A Yellow Beaks Acrylic Bird Feeder

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Birds are fascinating creatures. They are at the same time fragile and strong. They achieve flight with what seems like the greatest of ease, yet the mechanics of what they do is amazing. 

I love watching birds and was excited to review this Acrylic Window Bird Feeder from Yellow Beaks. It brings the birds right to your window!

We get a wide variety of wildlife in our area and I always find it fascinating to observe. This bird feeder allows you to see birds close up, right in your window. 

I love that the size allows several to gather at once. Little birds just hop right inside! It is strong enough for the bigger cardinals to land on it as well. We have had some really strong storms since I hung it up and I was worried it would disappear in the high wind, but it didn't budge and the three large suction cups have kept it stuck firm to the glass! 

I like that I can provide a place for our birds to eat without serving them up as a snack for our kitties! Where I put mine, on a second story window, I don't have to worry about squirrels or other critters getting into it, but the slick angled roof prevents them from getting into the feeder. We have had only one storm where the birdseed got wet and that was only because the rain came from an unusual direction and the strong winds were blowing the rain completely horizontal. The days that we have had normal rain, the bird house has worked great at protecting the seed and keeping it dry. 

The bird feeder holds a good amount of seed so you don't have to constantly keep filling it and the birds have plenty to peck at. It is so funny to watch them pick and choose which things they want to eat! I use a fruit and nut blend that they seem to really like. 

The feeder is super easy to use. It is a solid piece that doesn't need any assembly and you only have to place the suction cups. Since my window is so high off the ground, I put the suction cups into the holes on the back of the feeder and pressed them onto the glass.

I can stop taking pictures of the birds that are visiting now! It started with one little one and now there are several that come and jockey for position. The number seems to increase every day!


The bird feeder is a great way for kids to safely see birds up close and learn about them. It would also bring enjoyment to an elderly or home bound person. You can find this great Yellow Beaks Window Bird Feeder on Amazon. Plan now and this makes a great gift for the rapidly approaching holidays.


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