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Monday, May 4, 2015

Punch It! Velocity Boxing Children's Pro Freestanding Reflex Punching Ball

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Sports and activities can be good for teaching kids focus, reflexes and strength. There are also the benefits of fitness, energy and fun.
I received the Velocity Boxing Children's Pro Freestanding Punching Bag to review and while I was thinking of my son for this, I found out that this works for adults too!

When the punching bag was delivered, my son was in school so I went ahead and got it out and put it together. It is a very easy and simple assembly and only takes a few minutes.
 The only tool you need that isn't included in the box is a screw driver. After sliding a large washer onto the lower pole, you slide the pole through the base. Turning the base over, you put end of the pole into the blockage segment. Then use the large bolt screw to attach the metal base plate to the pole. This is where the screwdriver is handy to really tighten down that bolt screw.

The second pole piece (with the adjustment knob at the top) slides into the the top of the first one and locks into place with a locking button. The third part of the pole (with the height notches) is the one that allows you to adjust the height of the ball.  

The punching ball inflates and deflates easily with the included pump. The pump includes a screw-in tip that when attached to the pump, is used to inflate the inner bag of the punching ball. If you need to deflate the ball, you can stick the pin into the hole in the ball and release the air. The tip stores in a hole in the top of the pump so it stays handy.

Once assembled, simply add sand or water to the chamber in the base for weight and stability and it is ready to go as many rounds as you are!

There are a pair of 10 inch boxing gloves included and while they are intended for kids, I found they fit me quite well (I have smallish hands). My son was also able to wear them comfortably.
 As I mentioned, there are several benefits for kids to use one of these. They learn to focus on the ball, they can build their upper body strength, expend energy and of course, have fun. It's unplugged fun! Once my son started punching it, he was a having a really good time and he was pretty good at it too! 
We wanted to see what it would take for him to tip it over. He was punching really hard and finally did get it to tip over despite the water in the base, but it took several big hits to get it to tip. Most of the time it rocked, but didn't tip over.  

I am about 5 feet tall so I was able to adjust the ball and I am finding this is a terrific workout! It is adjustable from 47 inches to 57 inches. The day I put it together I went at it for over an hour! It made me sweat, got my muscles moving and was a great stress reliever! What is the first thing you want to do when you're stressed? Punch something! Well here is a perfect solution. You get to punch something and not go to jail!
I found myself so focused, that the things that were stressing me just faded away. I was concentrating on my muscles and feeling them as I hit. After a few moments, I could feel it in my core and I engaged more and different muscles.
While it is heavy with the water in the base, I can pick it up and move it. Since our dogs are near geniuses at getting things and eating them, I don't dare leave it outside where they could get it. You could probably use it indoors on carpeted floors, but we have wood floors and it is quite loud in our house, so we move it outside when we want to use it. I like having the space to move and not having to worry about anything getting broken. 

I'm not sure I can really express how much I like this punching ball! My son and I are both thoroughly enjoying it. It is an enormous workout that is also huge fun. 


If you're looking for some good active fun for your kids, the Velocity Boxing Punching Ball could be the thing you're looking for. This set is available on Amazon.


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