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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Curl Up With Curliss Motorized Curling Iron

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I used to curl my hair every single day. It was a bit shorter than it is now, but at some point I just did it less and less until I didn't anymore. Now I like to do it once in awhile for a different look or a special occasion.
This Curliss Automatic Rotating Curling Iron is something completely new to me. I received on to review and I love that it takes some of the work out of rolling up my long locks!
The first time I tried to use the Curliss I kept getting mixed up and tangling my hair in it. I had never heard of and certainly had not used a curling iron with a motorized barrel!

Once I took the time and used it correctly I began to really love it. It takes all the twisting, rolling the curling iron over and over in your hand, and burning your fingers out of the process. 
This not like some of the curling brushes advertised where you move it through your hair. It is a regular curling iron but you only have to secure the end of a section under the barrel clip and then push the button to begin winding the hair around the barrel. 
Once I got the hang of it, it is so easy to do! Periodically the barrel stops turning as I am unwinding, but I think it senses my hair may be caught or something and just moving the iron itself or slightly pressing the clip lever lets it know all is good. 
The curling iron heats up very quickly. After you power it on, you can set your temperature between 210 - 430 degrees. The LCD display makes it easy to see the temp setting. There is also an auto shut off for safety.

The eight foot cord features a wonderful 360 degree swivel so it doesn't tangle or get in the way as you move from section to section of hair. There are also two hair clips included so you can pin back sections of hair while you curl.
The Curliss is comfortable to use and I think since the rotating barrel is doing the work, I didn't find my arms getting tired like they sometime do with a regular curling iron. I don't have to maneuver the the curling iron. The barrel takes all the work out of that part. 

The only thing I have to keep straight as I do each side of my hair is which button to press so the barrel goes in the right direction! 
I enjoy being able to get a little fancy once in while and for me adding some curl and giving my hair some body is different than my everyday straight hair. I love what I have experienced with this curling iron and look forward to using it the next time I want a different kind of hair day!


If you are a curl-your-hair-everyday-kind-of-girl or an occasional curler like me, the Curliss Rotating Curling Iron can help take some of the work out of all the twirling and twisting. You can find this terrific curling iron on Amazon.


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