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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Press On, Coffee! Press On! Vintage Double Wall French Press Review

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I have had lots of friends raving about french presses and I had no idea what they were talking about! They swear by the flavor produced and a few of them have gotten frantic when theirs broke or needed to be replaced for some reason.
I received this Vintage Double Wall French Press from Francois et Mimi to review and I now understand the attraction my friends have for their french presses.

At first look I was intimidated by the press. It seemed like a complicated way to make coffee. Boy, was I wrong! 
It actually take less time than my drip coffee maker takes. I can also see where this would be so useful if the power were out, while camping outside or even traveling. As long as you can get or heat some water, you can have coffee in about 5 minutes. We are used to using regular fine ground coffee and this requires course ground so the screen doesn't get clogged.
You can make 34 ounces at a time and the double wall construction keeps it hot longer. Pouring is smooth and easy with the dribble-proof spout. It is also conveniently dishwasher safe. 

Using the French Press was surprisingly easy. You simply place your course grounds into the empty container, add hot water and place the lid on, but don't press it down yet. Let the coffee steep for at least 5 minutes. After that time, you just gently press the plunger down down through the water pushing the grounds to the bottom and wa-la! You have coffee!

This coffee press is not only functional, it is beautiful! The shiny stainless steel provides a rust free receptacle that is classy looking and attractive on the counter. 
The coffee a french press produces is a bolder, more robust flavor than I am used to, but it was still good tasting. I sipped a little of it black, but I rarely drink my coffee just black, preferring to dress it up a little with some sugar and if feeling particularly indulgent, topping it with whipped cream. I know some people that would love this coffee straight, but after a few sips I added my sugar to it.
I am so pleased to have been able to try this and discover something I probably would not have thought to seek out otherwise. I am a little shocked at how easy it turned out to be am really don't know why I thought it would be more complicated. 
The quality of the French Press is great. I have had the pleasure of reviewing a few items made by Francois et Mimi and every item has exceeded my expectations and performed fabulously. 


If you are a French Press coffee lover or want to become one, the Vintage Double Wall French Press from Francois et Mimi is a good one and you can find it over on Amazon.


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