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Friday, April 3, 2015

Make Any Celebration More Fun And Festive With Chinese Lanterns

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Warmer weather is right around the corner for most of us. Outdoor gatherings, parties and celebrations for many different occasions will soon be underway. With them will come the need or desire to decorate and create some atmosphere.
Lights have always been a fairly quick and easy way to dress up a space. These 10 inch Paper Chinese Lanterns are another way. I received a pack of these to review and they are a wonderfully versatile way to decorate and create a festive space.

The lanterns are white, but could easily be dressed up with hand painted designs, artificial flowers or even used as centerpieces on tables. 
They can be used for weddings, birthdays, anniversary parties, or even just for casual decor around your deck or patio. They can be used with or with out lights for different types of effects.
There are 10 in the pack so you can make a visual impact with just a few or with all of them. I personally like to see lots of them!
The paper lanterns arrive flat and are quickly assembled using the metal hanger rods. When you're done using them the rods are easily removed and the lanterns can be flattened again for storage.
I placed battery operated "flameless" tea lights inside and it gave off a wonderful glow! I also tried a strand of Christmas lights, which worked okay in a small space but I'm not sure how I would like this in a larger space simply because the lights are so close together that there would be a great many of them outside of the paper lanterns, not creating the effect I would want.

However, colored lights are quite awesome! I placed one of my battery powered, color changing lights that I use for carved pumpkins inside a lantern and the effect was terrific! Having them constantly changing colors would be great for parties.

You can use them over and over and by changing the lighting or the decorations, they'll never look like the same decorations twice!


I love the possibilities and can't wait to use them for a party! You can accessorize your next party with this fun pack of 10 inch White Round Paper Lanterns, available on Amazon for around $10.


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