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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hand Painted, Hand Crafted Eggs

These are eggs I created, but they're not really Easter eggs..... 

These first two are Winnie the Pooh and Humpty Dumpty. These are solid wood eggs I painted many years ago. Just some free hand designs I did for fun, they weren't really for any occasion or reason.

Humpty is even "cracked"


This third one was made with a real egg. I broke out the top of it so his hair would stick out like I wanted it to, instead of just being flat on his head. His hair was cut from a thing I had.... I'll call it a winddancer type thing. It was a small circle with long strands (about four feet long!) of this metallic material that hung from the circle. The circle had strings to hang it with and when I was in high school I had several of them hanging from the ceiling in my bedroom. I think the hubs (boyfriend at the time) won them for me in one of those "grab" machine things. Anyway, I cut a few inches off the end of one of them for this wacky hair. His collar is yarn that I picked apart into individual strands. He is painted with regular acrylic paints.

You can create with eggs anytime! Not just at Easter. But Easter is awesome too! :)


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