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Friday, April 10, 2015

Like Sleeping In A Cloud! Heavyweight 4-Piece Cotton Flannel Sheet Set

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I love flannel sheets. I discovered them more than a few years ago and fell in love the first time I ever slept on them. The first few pair I bought were novelty sets with snowmen, winter themes and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I still use them and they are warm and comfy. But........

It was only after I received this Heavyweight 4-Piece Cotton Flannel Sheet Set that I realized not all flannel sheets are created equal.
I knew these were different the moment I pulled them from the package. They felt super great in my hands. I did wash them first, mainly because they were packed in a plastic cube bag and I could smell that. They didn't seem to shrink when washed and dried. I received a Queen sized set and they fit our bed like a dream. I received the color Sage, which is kind of a mint or light green compliments the dark green color of the bedroom.
These are SO soft! I feel like I am sleeping in a fluffy cloud every time I lay down and pull the top sheet over me. I just melt into the pillow.  
Night after night, I am amazed at how absolutely wonderful these sheets feel. It is heavenly to lay down and be that comfortable. I like my other flannels, but this set makes them feel kind of rough!
These luxurious sheets are 100% cotton, have extra deep pockets to fit thick mattresses, and are 190 gram flannel weight. They are heavyweight so they are keeping me nice and warm as our weather bounces from cool to warm and back again as it is transitioning to Spring/Summer. I have already begun to throw back the quilts and use just the top sheet. I am dreading Summer if only because I fear it will be too warm for these sheets! 

This four piece set includes the fitted sheet, the top sheet and two pillow cases. 


I can not adequately express how much I love these sheets. They are just so comfortable! This beautifully luxurious sheet set can be found at Amazon. I can't wait to get more!


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