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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Keep Your View Clear With An Automobile Windshield Cover

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You run out the door, jump into the car only to find you can't see through the windshield. No matter the season, there are always things that can and do get in the way of a clear view and a clean windshield.
I received a Deanamic Driven Windshield Protector to review and it is great protection from many things.

In Winter you have the snow, ice and cold to content with. The windshield gets frozen over and you have to scrape it or try to use water without getting yourself wet in the process...

In the Spring, your vehicle transforms into a greenish yellow, fuzzy, moldy looking lump with the layers of pollen that cover it every five minutes. 

The Windshield Cover keeps your windshield clear and clean through all that nature can dump on it. 

And as an added feature, it can be used to keep your car cool so you don't jump in and get burned on a hot interior. 

The cover is easy to put on. Simply place each side inside the open door and close them. It's even pretty easily done by one person. Being closed in the doors ensures a tight hold so it can't be blown off by the wind.

I was delighted that the cover is a good fit on our SUV. We had received a cover several years ago as a gift and it just never worked good and ended up not being used at all. 

This cover is great because the side that lays on the glass is soft and won't be abrasive on your windshield. 

The cover is also easily removed and can be folded up quite small for storing until it is needed again. About the only thing that would make this cover better would be a pouch to store the cover in when it's not being used, but a reusable bag or even a gallon-sized zippered plastic bag will work great too.


You can find this great, affordable Windshield Cover from Deanamic Driver over on Amazon. Protect your windshield from the elements and keep the view clear!


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