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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Send a Greeting That Blooms! Seeds Of Love Greeting Cards Review

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If you love flowers like I do, these are a great way to spread the love! I received a set of these Seeds Of Love Greeting Cards to review and they are a great 2-in-1 kind of gift. 
While they aren't actually greeting cards in the sense that they open and contain a sappy saying inside, they do offer a twofer gift in that they each have an acknowledgement of an event on the outside such as Happy Birthday, Happy Holiday, Congratulations, I Love You and Thank You and they have seeds for your recipient on the inside.

There are two packets for each saying for a total of ten packets. Great to have on hand for those times when you find yourself needing a last minute gift and no time to shop.

These would serve as a great gift tag for a gift of a flower pot bundled with a small bag of potting soil or  on a gift of a garden spade and small rake to aid in planting them. In any case, most people do like flowers and feel great when they get to watch them grow from seeds. It's a gift that they'll be reminded of every time they see the flowers. 
These contain organic seeds with a mix of Delphinium, Zinnia, Calendula, Celosia and Sunflowers. There are easy directions on the back of the packet so your recipient knows how to plant and care for them.

I like these. They are outside the typical greeting card box and contains something that will bring color and enjoyment for longer than a moment or even a day. 


You can order a box of these Greeting "Cards"
from Amazon and be ready for the next gift giving moment.


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