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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Loomin' Crazy With A 6000 Loom Band Set

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Have you ever made anything on one of the peg looms? If you have, you know..... it can be quite addicting! I am amazed at all the delightful things that can be created with little rubber bands and some pegs. You can quite literally find a tutorial or design instructions to make almost anything.

I really do enjoy making things on these looms. I like weaving type crafts anyway, so most of the time this is pretty relaxing to me. With lots going on lately, I haven't gotten to make anything in quite awhile so I was thrilled to review this 6000 Piece Loom Band Refill Packs Kit..
This set is massive. It includes 10 colors, individually bagged so it is already sorted for you. And it avoids color bleed. If you use an organizer tray or box for your bands, refilling it is a snap. There are 600 of each color... red, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, black, white, turquoise and orange. Plenty of great projects can be created with these! Each color bag also contains a little packet of "S" clips for a total of 200.  

The bands are super stretchy, making it easier to do those cap bands and figure eights. They are also latex-free so no worries about those with latex allergies or sensitivities. 

I love to learn new designs when I have time to just focus and relax. I like doing neat charm shapes and this time around learned a couple different bracelet techniques that were really neat.
Checking to be sure all bands had been loomed over
I think most people that have ever made at least one thing know the simple looming techniques of lifting the band on bottom and pulling it back on itself. With the bracelets I make with these bands, I used some different methods. I was super impressed in these bands because some of these designs called for the bands to be really REALLY stretched to fit over multiple pegs and out of all of the things I have made so far, I broke only one band. 
They are also quite soft, not stiff or rough on your skin. I'm not sure if I can explain that better, but with some bands I have found that after stretching several over my fingers or handling them for awhile, they feel rough and make my finger feel rough too. The softness of these makes them handle quite well. I found myself finishing one thing and looking for more to make!


If you or your kids are into looming, this is a nice set that should keep you (or them!) busy for quite awhile. The 6000 Pc Loom Band Set can be found on Amazon reasonably price at around $15. With Summer around the corner you can stock up so the kids will have neat crafts to make when they get out of school!


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