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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hair Symphony Detangling Hair Brushes Review

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When I was a little girl I hated having my hair brushed. HATED it with a passion. I had fairly long hair, much like I do now, and it would get huge tangles and it hurt like heck to get them brushed out. 

I received this set of Hair Symphony Detangling Hair Brushes to review and my long hair likes them!
I took these with my on our Georgia trip. They were lightweight and didn't add bulk to my suitcase at all. 
The detangling brush works great. I typically brush my hair before I get into the shower to remove tangles and any loose hair to help keep the shower drain clear. With long hair, clogging the drain is a problem! 
The bristles are staggered, different lengths and they glide through my hair with ease and minimal pulling. Even the largest tangles come out easily. 
I used the styling brush after blow drying and it too worked fabulously. It didn't pull my hair near as much as my regular brush and there was far less hair yanked out and wrapped around the bristles.

I wish these type brushes had been around when I was a kid! They sure would have saved mom and I both some pain and tears! Now, less tangles equals less frustration which means I have fewer cut-it-all-off moments! Which is a good thing, because I look like a boy when my hair is short!
The cosmetic bag that is included keeps the brushes tidy, together, portable and easy to find. Grab the bag on your way out and you have all the hair brushes you need. 

If you have a little one with long hair this can help take some of the pain out of keeping it neat. They are for thick or thin hair and can be used on wet or dry hair.


You can begin the journey to pain free brushing by finding this great set of Detangling Hair Brushes from Hair Symphony on Amazon.


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