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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Health Gurus Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review


Blood pressure and heart rate aren't something that I really ever thought much about when I was younger. As I have gotten older, learned more about my family's health history and having a family of my own, I try to pay more attention to my health and the signs and signals my body is sending me. 

I received the Health Gurus Professional Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor to review and I love how easy it is to use, even by myself. There are clear, concise directions printed right on the cuff to remind you each time to ensure the cuff is properly placed for an accurate reading. 
It is super easy to use with one-button operation. The back-lit display is large and easy-to-read. This unit also supports two users and saves up to 60 readings. 

This monitor uses the oscillometric method, meaning a stethoscope is not needed to get the reading. In addition to blood pressure, it measures heart rate and will display symbols for an irregular heart beat, grade of blood pressure, the current time and date and low battery. 
Having a blood pressure monitor is handy to have at home to keep an eye on you health and the health of your family. If you have a family history or high blood pressure or heart problems like we do, it can be crucial. Being able to monitor your health can give you the heads up about a problem before it becomes life threatening. It can also help if you already have a problem so you can monitor any changes.

This monitor comes with a handy case to store it and keep it protected or to take with you if you need to. 


Like keeping a first aid kit, having things like a good blood pressure monitor, is an investment in your and your family's health. You can find the Health Gurus Blood Pressure Monitor over at Amazon.com.


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