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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Epica Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs Review


One of our dogs loves this brush! And so does one of our cats! I received an Epica Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush to review and it is a super brush.
Rusty doesn't like me to stop brushing

Our dog Rusty will sit and let me brush her all day long with this brush. She gets super excited when she sees it in my hand and sits right down and raises her head up so I can brush her neck. After just a few strokes, her eyes are half closed and she is in  near coma of contentment.
Rusty in her brush-me-coma

Rusty's brother Cotton isn't quite as fond of the brush. He does let me brush him, but he keeps a watchful eye on me like he is suspicious of the brush and what it might do to him. He often turns away from me, being patient, but not too overjoyed. I think he will come to like it more over time.

I got a totally unexpected surprise when our cat, Spot, walked up, plopped down beside me and nudged my hand that was holding the brush. A few strokes of his fur and he was purring like a boat motor! 

Spots tail was so full of little bits of plants from wandering in the pasture, it looked like it had been gnawed on! A few short minutes of brushing and it was soft and fluffy again. This brush didn't tug and pull to get it that mess out either. It got it all out very gently. When I was done with him, spot curled up by my leg and fell into a deep contented sleep, still purring like crazy.

As I brush brush our fur babies, the brush grabs and holds onto loose and shedding hair. It is a cinch to clean.
 With a simple press of a button, the hair is push up to the top of the tines and easily lifted off.

As I mentioned, the brush doesn't pull and tug their hair at all. It leaves them feeling super soft. too! Spot was in the house and saw the brush and jumped up into the chair, having a fit trying to get over to the table where they brush was. When I picked it up, he plopped into the chair so I could brush his side! This cat LOVES this brush!

I love it too. It is easy to hold, easy to use and I absolutely love that it is painless for our fur babies.We totally give it 10 paws up!


If you would like to pamper your pets while capturing that shedding hair, you can find this Terrific Slicker Brush on Amazon.com.


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