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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Seriously Lacking Motivation!

You would think that just looking at the calendar and realizing we are halfway through the month of November would be enough motivation, but it's not. 

Maybe it's the time change. Or the cold weather. Maybe both. I don't know, but I really should be in high gear. Instead my butt is dragging the ground and I can't seemed to get motivated to do what NEEDS to be done. 

So here I sit. LOOKING at what needs to be done, wondering where to even begin. We want to move our bedroom back downstairs. In order for that to happen I have to clean out... make that GUT the room that was originally the master bedroom. When our son was ready to move from his bassinet to his crib, which was upstairs in his own room, we moved our bedroom up there in a spare bedroom we had. The master bedroom was then used as a play room to keep his toys neatly on shelves. It was also carpeted while the living room has wood floors. It worked great for awhile because I also babysat my nieces quite a bit then and it was a great place for them to play when we couldn't go outside and for nap time. 

Well, the kids grew up, no more babysitting the nieces, and life got really busy once we added school into the mix. For awhile I used the room for a crafting space. At some point things began to accumulate in there. It could be from aliens. We're not entirely sure.. we're checking into it. Before I knew it, there was no room for me to craft in there, there was barely room to walk through it!

I have worked on it in between all the other things I have to do and I have it more than half emptied. I have thrown away a lot of things that I now wonder WHY we kept them in the first place. The living room currently looks like some serious hoarders live here because I had to move stuff out to make room to even move around in there! There must be gremlins that sneak in when you move into a house and ever so slowly, almost imperceptibly, add things to your house. Before you know it, the house is full of stuff you didn't even remember getting!

It won't be long until it's time to get the Christmas tree out.... I'm thinking it would look nice out in front of the house this year!

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