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Friday, November 7, 2014

Predator Guard Scare Tape Bird Repellent Review


If you have ever tilled, hoed and seeded a garden by hand you know how frustrating it can be when birds swoop down and snatch your seeds right out of the ground or even worse, peck gouges into your newly ripened bounty! 
I love being able to step out into my yard, hear the different birds calling from the tree tops, seeing them fly around gathering nesting material and fluttering to the ground to find food for their chirping little chicks in the nests. I put out bits of yarn left over from my crafting endeavors to help them with the homemaking and I supply feeders filled with delicious feed, as well and breads and fruits on the ground so they have ample supply for their young. I place these things far from the spot where I plant my garden and yet it never fails that despite all I do for them, they still want MORE! They want to share in my luscious juicy tomatoes and the beautifully ripened melons. And I might not mind so much if they would eat A tomato instead of pecking holes in six! 

I have tried various tactics to discourage them. I don't want to harm them. I just want them to know the boundaries. Scare Tape from Predator Guard is just the ticket! Even a gentle breeze causes it to stir and the holographic design sparks in the sun making flashes of light. When the wind moves the tape it makes a crackling, whipping noise that makes animals take notice. 

This tape with help protect your garden, home, orchard farm, dock, boat or any space where you would like to keep birds and other predators away. 

My garden area is within our fenced backyard so for some critters I don't have as much worry, but the predator tape is good for many types of animals such as deer, coyote, hawks, gulls, geese, woodpeckers and more. 
It is very easy to use. Simply cut off about 3 feet of tape and tie one end to 6 - 8 inches of string and tie the string to a post, fence, trees, masts, etc., so it can freely spin in all directions. For ground predators, you can place it lower so they see it. One roll off 100 feet is enough to protect a large area. When I plant a new garden in the Spring, Scare Tape is definitely part of the plan to guard my hard earned bounty!
I did a small video clip and posted on my Instagram. Pop over and listen to the sound this tape makes in the wind! (I apologize in advance for it being sideways! My tablet does that sometimes and I can get it to rotate the video.) 

If you have predators you want to keep away in a humane fashion, Scare Tape could be the solution! You can get it at Amazon.com. 


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